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Lalaloopsy Dot Starlight Doll

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Dot Starlight Doll
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I in fact liked that the item has the feature of with a love for all things scientific, dot starlight likes to conduct experiments, explore and discover. It's 13"H x 7.25"L x 5"W and it has got a weight of 1.89 lbs. The warranty information supplied by the manufacturer, is 90 day warranty against defects. Best deal on Dot Starlight Doll , select the link below.

Lalaloopsy Dot Starlight Doll The original 8 are back! • Dot Starlight was created from pieces of an astronaut's spacesuit, giving her a adore for all items scientific• Sewn on the day the initial man was on the moon; When her final stitch was sewn on July 21st, Dot Starlight magically came to life• With her cute pet bird, Dot Starlight watches the sky with her telescope• Dot Starlight Spends her fun-filled days in the magical world of Lalaloopsy Land• With a love for all things scientific, Dot Starlight likes to conduct experiments, explore and discover And now that they're all TV stars, the original 8 Lalaloopsy have returned in an all new and very collectable Television themed package!


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